Friday, May 21, 2010

Governor Jan Brewer - Obama, Do Your Job

A long watch, but worth it.

I'm liking Governor Brewer a lot more, with the various bills she's been signing, I *almost* regret leaving AZ.

Remember, the folks that are the most upset about this, other than the illegals of course, are the folks that don't believe in borders. Those folks that would like to invite anyone, regardless of criminal background, regardless of their ability to contribute to our country (and therefore help to pay for the entitlement programs they will enjoy), and most of all, people that actually WANT to become Americans, not Mexicans living in America.

You're an illegal? You don't want to get arrested in AZ? Don't do anything to draw the attention of the Police, such as speed, rob, burgle, etc. Don't like it? Get the **** out until you've gone through the time honored legal process of getting your citizenship.

Keep giving 'em hell Gov!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Make the Mojave Cross Permanent

Authorities Say Mojave Desert Replacement Memorial Cross Must Come Down

Since apparently it's ok to settle a score after you lose the decision of the Supreme Court by removing that which offends you, I have a suggestion for the people that used to maintain the cross.

Get a large jackhammer and etch a cross into the rock. Make it as large as possible, and nice and deep. Make sure no matter what happens that it's always there.

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