Friday, February 11, 2011

The Tide of Tyranny

Artic Patriot posted his letter to CONgress today, and I felt the urge to reply in comments.

Since many of you may not follow AP, I'll also post my comments here:

In my opinion the tipping point has long passed.

Our current Lords have driven us into debt to the point that we owe more than 7 times what we take in in revenues each year. Paying that back will be near impossible, even were we to stop spending on everything tomorrow. The only way to get our financial heads above water would be to stop all spending on all entitlement programs, yet the politicians in CONgress know that to do so would result in the 48% of our zombie "citizens" who pay nothing into the system, yet receive the benefits of our labor, voting them out of office.

There is no way to vote ourselves out of this. There is no way we can fulfill our debt "obligations" to our creditors, and there is no way we could survive under the tax regime that would be required to become a solvent nation again.

The grand experiment has failed, and done so miserably. Not because the Founding Fathers erred in their drafting of our Constitution, but because we have allowed our so-called elected officials to violate that document repeatedly and capriciously, with no punishment for having done so. The tyrannic tide advances each year, and no amount of voting we do can reverse it. Our nation is like Venice - slowly and inexorably sinking beneath waves of over regulation and debt.

As a complete Nation, we have lost. Our only hope, in my opinion, is to break from the Nation as a free state or states (which has been demonstrated in the past to be a bloody affair which is difficult to "win"), or to sit by as our Nation self destructs, and hope that we can build a new, free society from the ashes.

Either way, Winter is coming, and it's going to be a bitch.


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