Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Keep Digging, China is Down There Somewhere

Pelosi to Seek Auto Industry Relief Bill

You know, we were told that the bailout was to immediately provide relief to failing banks and the credit market. We were told that there would be no money in ATMs, that the monetary system would collapse, that there would be tanks in the streets.

So they threw $700bil at it. $700bil that we do not have. $700bil that we will STILL be paying off decades from now (assuming there is something still here to pay it). $700bil that, I might add, for the most part still has NOT been applied towards "easing the credit crisis". And yet, things are still running, the world hasn't ended. Yet.

Now, we're told it's needed to bail out automakers. Yes, the same automakers who have failed in an ever so epic manner to be profitable for the last 30 years. The same automakers who go hat in hand to the government every year crying about how they're going to fail. The same automakers, because of whom, we charge massive tariffs on imported cars from countries like Japan that understand YOU MUST MAKE A PROFIT TO SURVIVE. GM today sounded their last death rattle unless the Government throws a LOT of money at them.

And who pays? We pay. We pay more for cars because our automakers could give a flying f*#$ about quality and don't care to compete with foreign manufacturers. We pay more for cars because the UAW has their hands up the automaker's butts in an effed up macabre puppet show. WE PAY FOR THE AUTO MAKERS EMPLOYEE RETIREMENT PLANS.

I don't know about you, but I'm incredibly freaking tired of MY hard earned money going to insolvent banks, ineptly run auto factories, dumbasses that couldn't figure out they couldn't afford a home, greedy bastard politicians and their con-men cronies, Jihadist Extremists in the desert, jackoffs that won't get off of their asses and get a freaking job, disaster survivors who feel that they deserve a plasma tv and a new car, people who would rather buy a bluetooth earpiece than school books for their kids, failed wars on stuff that shouldn't be illegal in the first place, corrupt dictatorial nationstates...need I go on??

When is enough enough?

Look on the bright side. At the rate we're going, foreign nations are going to call us due any time now. And it's costing us $2bil/day in debt to keep everything spinning at the moment. Without foreign investment in debt we can't repay, we get to see just how well people can survive with a government that couldn't afford to buy a carton of eggs, let alone their mortgage payments.

A little light reading, if your stomach is up for it.

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