Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Liberals in Conservative Clothing

I had an unpleasant exchange with the person who asked me what my agenda on Social Security was yesterday. I now am reasonably convinced that they are either actually Liberals trying to stir the pot, or are people that call themselves Conservatives but really are of that breed that likes basic gun rights but thinks anything else is fair game as long as you "need it", and Liberty be damned.

You see, after stripping identifying information from their email, they told me it was private (alrighty, no problem) and they didn't want it on the blog. That's ok, I can understand that. However, they stepped out further, accusing me of "stoking my ego", threatened their support for sites that link to me, called me unethical, and then finished off by declaring I was un-American. When I pointed out to them it is kind of hard to sit on a high horse when you're chucking insults like that, they told me that they were done talking to me, demanded again I remove their email from the site, and threatened litigation if I did not.

I'll direct you back to my older post "The Art of Liberal Communication". If you'll recall, the typical Liberal's argument goes something like this:

1. Make an unfounded statement.
2. When challenged with facts on that statement, change the subject.
3. When the subject can't be changed, insult the person counter arguing.
4. If that fails, attempt to get the Police or Authorities involved, or stamp off in a huff.

Sound familiar? I think I actually erred by leaving off "or get lawyers involved" from #4.

In the end, this person chose to try and take a public discourse (or at least, I'd like this to be a public discourse - logically constructed arguments are more than welcome in the comments section, and you *can* post anonymously) privately for whatever reason, and I just don't operate that way. If you're going to question my agenda, great! Do so here, so that myself and others can learn. If everyone that had a problem with what I said demanded private attention by email, how are we supposed to have an open dialogue and learn from each other, let alone leave me the time to write what little I can on this blog?

Anyhow, whatever. The offending email is summarized, the world is back on its axis, and the Liberal in Conservative's clothing is (or should be) happy. And I suppose my ego is stoked, whatever the hell that means.


Cheddar said...

As the song goes...
let the good times roll.

triptyx said...

Laissez les bons temps rouler indeed.

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