Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Denninger - A Very Serious Warning to Nancy Pelosi

Every time I think I've managed to adequately convey my feelings on the latest travesty or tyranny to come out of our "betters" in Washington, Denninger goes and states the case in far more elegant, informed and dire terms.

I'll remind you, Karl Denninger is not a Threeper, a Truther, a Birther, or even a Tea Partier so far as I can tell, rather, he is someone who lives, breathes, and makes a living on the Economy (though I stop short of calling him an Economist). He doesn't spend his days stocking up on ammunition and weapons, or survival supplies, and his weekends aren't spent raiding surplus stores and gun shows for gear that we all hope we may not need. He simply sees the fraud in our system and wants to shine a light on it and stop it.

He's laid it out today, and he has done so with a certainty and completeness that should chill anyone reading it.

There is a bright white line for every person in this country who has taken an oath to uphold our Constitution. It is in different places for each of those individuals, but you had better believe it exists.

For some it will be crossed if you try to disarm Americans, as was attempted after Katrina.

For some it will be crossed if you try to occupy their homes.

And for some, it may be crossed if you attempt to "deem" this bill passed, when The House has not actually passed it.

I pray this evening I am wrong, and that for no material number of people - indeed, for no one person - that is where their personal line is.

But I am reasonably certain that this prayer will be offered in vain.

Please go and read the whole thing. When people who understand stock markets (and make a living from them) are noticing the powder keg that many of us in the Threeper world see as well, we can't be all that far from the precipice.

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