Saturday, November 13, 2010

Johnny Edge - Touch My Junk and Go To Jail

Threatened with $10,000 in CIVIL FINES for refusing to submit to TSA groping at the airport.

Much like gun control, it's not about safety, it's about control.

Before I go on, I would like to remind you of what modern airport security actually is in places where the lovely naked body scanners are installed. You have a choice:

  1. Submit to an XRay scan of your body that generates images that are detailed enough that a TSA Agent was fired for punching out his boss after repeated jokes about the size of his genitalia.
  2. Submit to a TSA agent, who may or may not be of the same sex (not that that makes it any better), squeezing your breasts (ladies) and/or genetalia with their fingers.

The advertised point of TSA and airport security is to make sure that air travel is "safe". Despite the fact that most TSA screening is shutting the barn door after the horse is out, if you decide you don't want to be screened, you just leave the airport right?


The link above has an account from San Diego where, after the potential passenger decided he didn't need a pervert TSA agent squeezing his balls to make sure he hadn't packed C4 in his sack, he was told he could get a refund and leave the airport.

Except according to the TSA, he really couldn't. You see, once you start screening, the TSA has decided that they OWN YOU. You are not allowed to leave the screening checkpoint without being sexually assaulted or paying $10,000 in fines in a civil court. Even getting a refund on your ticket and trying to leave the airport is unacceptable - you lost your Constitutional Rights the minute you entered that security line.

So ask yourself, what does this make TSA Checkpoints?

Nothing more than an excuse to sexually molest men, women, and children for perverted Government paid sexual deviants.

You want an eye opener - Google TSA Abuses.

How can you help?
Join a We Won't Fly protest at the airport near you.


Fawkes said...

Not to mention that all this security, in addition to violating our rights, is completely useless and unnecessary. Any terrorist threat is not going to come from San Diego, it's going to come from Sana or some other middle east location. We should do what israel does and profile those people that we think are most likely to cause problems and leave the rest of us alone.

triptyx said...

You're absolutely right. All you have to do is stuff the explosives into a body cavity (or a printer cartridge apparently), or perhaps fill your shampoo and toothpaste bottles with liquid explosives (you can carry on a lot and still be under their limit) and none of this stuff works.

There's absolutely no reason for this intrusion.

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