Friday, April 17, 2009

Fox Gets it Wrong....After They Got it Right???

Obama Vows to Disarm Mexican Drug Cartels

So which is it Fox News? Is the 90% of guns used in Mexican crimes come from the US factoid being bandied about incorrect, as you claimed earlier, or is it correct?

I asked Fox News this myself today. Hopefully they'll take action to correct themselves.

To: Fox News
Your article today: claims:
The escalating drug war in Mexico is spilling into the United States, and confronting Obama with a foreign crisis much closer than North Korea or Afghanistan. Mexico is the main hub for cocaine and other drugs entering the U.S.; the United States is the primary source of guns used in Mexico's drug-related killings.

Yet you just showed video a few days ago claiming this "fact" is entirely untrue:

accompanied by this article:

So, which is it? If 17% is more realistically the number, and from other sources I believe that's more towards the truth, why do you let crap such as I have bolded above get into your article?

You guys are doing such a decent job, it's sad to see this kind of stuff get through. I'd hope if you stand by your earlier reporting that you'd get that sentence removed from it asap (or prominently redacted with a reason given).


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