Saturday, April 18, 2009

(Lack of) Police Accountability

Iowa DOT officers accused of overstepping authority

This was a followup story, with an additional charge brought against the Iowa DOT for abusive behavior. What struck me from the article was this:
Gray-Fisher said an investigation of the incident involving Weigand and Schneider is under way, but said the Iowa DOT would not make results of the investigation public.

Not making the results public?!?! So the taxpaying public, you know, the folks you are supposed to protect and serve, are just supposed to take your word for it that an investigation is being conducted? Further, once that investigation is complete, the people you serve aren't even going to find out what the results were?

This smacks of a department that is corrupt enough that they know if the public had access to their disciplinary records, there would be a lot of fired people, likely including the higher ups. Anyone in Iowa that wants to get involved (and doesn't mind possible retaliatory strikes from a potentially out of control group of petty thugs) should be talking to their representatives about getting this situation rectified ASAP.

After all, we know that cockroaches like the dark and quiet. Shining a bright light on their behavior, accompanied by loud protests from the "civilians" is what is needed to ensure the servants don't become the masters.

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