Friday, August 7, 2009

Next Stop - Civil Unrest?

Western Rifle Shooters and Sipsey Street Irregulars, and heck, most other Threeper related blogs have been talking more and more about the potential for civil unrest over the last year.

The volume is being turned up at public events for Obamacare. And despite the claims of the elite Statists in Washington, it is not being orchestrated by anyone any more than any of the Liberal protests over the last eight years were. What truly scares the DemocRATs is that they think (rightly so) that they are losing the initiative and malaise from Conservatives that has allowed them a free pass at anything that they cared to pass for far too long.

What ultimately is being represented by these protests and scuffles is that folks, on the edges of both sides are finally coming to the ultimate realization that their wants and views are NOT compatible, and that no amount of "talk" is going to bridge that gulf.

Does this sound familiar? I'd posit that a similar situation began to evolve prior to the Revolutionary War. Then, as now, there was a small portion of the populace that vehemently disagreed with the Crown, and another small portion that sided with the Crown with just as much (or perhaps less - they did lose after all). Recall that only a small percentage of people actively fought that war - most folks were bystanders or tacitly helping one side or the other (or both).

Whether or not Obamacare passes, the Statists will not stop their drive to turn the United States into a failed Socialist Utopia - the same failed "utopias" that have seen the rest of the world plunged into obscurity, poverty, and tyranny. As these people strive to control everything down to the very air we breathe, more and more freedom loving people will wake up from their TV induced trance to take action against the insidious creep. At some point, a key event will take place that will snap both sides into action, and the country very likely will be plunged into open warfare.

The time has come to make sure your ducks are in a row, and that you are prepared to survive. There are any number of great articles on the various blogs on the left nav-bar here. While many of us obviously can't afford to go the full nine yards, or perhaps can not release our minds to come to grips with where we really are, taking any steps you can afford/rationalize is certainly better than taking none at all.

Be prepared and be ready. If things fall apart, they'll do so very rapidly and with little more in the way of warning than we're getting now.

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