Monday, August 17, 2009

Time to Celebrate?

Liberals complain over Obama concession

So it sounds like the Public Option might be gone from the ObamaCare bill. Time to celebrate???


What's still in there? Well, the Government will still be in charge of defining each and every plan - what's in 'em, how much they cost, who's eligible, etc. Those plans ARE STILL MANDATORY. Once anything changes in your contract with your current provider, you'll be forced to select one of the Government plans. Bye-bye health plan you like and have already - for good.

Even better, the IRS will DEMAND that you demonstrate that you are enrolled in an approved healthplan. Gone are the days where if you're young and decide to opt out of the whole thing. You can't prove to the IRS that you're in a plan? They fine the shit out of you and forcefully enroll you. Can't afford it? They don't care. Want the Liberty of choosing what you do with your healthcare? GONE

So what are the costs of these plans? Nobody can tell you. You'll find out 18 months after the bill becomes law. We do know that your taxes WILL go way up, Medicare will be cut to the bone (say good-bye to Grandma while you still can), and that the Government will do the same great job running it that they have with Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and the entire fucking country, which is now approaching $12 TRILLION in debt.

I wouldn't trust these idiots to mow my lawn, let alone tell me whom I may see and when if I get a serious illness.

Turn up the volume. I want to see ears bleed in Washington D.C. The only correct option is KILL THE BILL. ALL of it. Every last rotten, stinking, bleeding, oozing, liberty destroying Marxist line of it.

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