Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Fall of the Republic - Portions of Health Bill Not Amendable/Repealable

It came to the attention of many that there are apparently provisions of the Health Disaster that is about to be unleashed upon the failed experiment that was the States United that are, in fact, un-amendable and un-repealable. I can't think of any way to force the dissolution of the States than to start passing legislation for which there is no legislative remedy.

This is a relatively long video, but it is worth a watch as a demonstration of the farce that is the Senate under Reid.

Understand this. The section that Senator DeMint is quoting states specifically that it is amending the "Rules". The Parliamentarian (who is supposed to be a non-partisan interpreter of the law and rules) in return is ruling that in fact the section does not say what it says. There are ways to amend the Senate rules - those ways take a 3/4s vote (which these tyrants can not get). Like amending the Constitution, it is supposed to be very difficult to amend the Senate rules - those rules are, by their very nature, designed to prevent a majority from riding roughshod over the minority. Those rules, in fact, protect the people of the United States from a tyrannical group getting a majority control and turning dictatorial.

Harry Reid's Senate has finally publicly decided that the rules no longer apply to them. They are finally so drunk on power that they truly believe they can do whatever the hell they want, without regard for the consequences. If this is any idea what will be happening over the next year as we wait for the next set of elections, I have a great fear that the damage done will be completely irreversible. What better way to ensure secessions and possibly Civil War then to finish off the Rule of Law, which after the recent bailouts and shady goings on related to them, already was near-death.

Do you understand what this means?

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