Friday, September 3, 2010

How Long Did YOU Work for the Federal Government This Year?

Happy Friday - Now F*** You! (Love, the FedGov) - Part 2

This one snuck by me, however, it bears repeating.

August 21st.

What's important about that day? From January 1st, until August 21st of this year, EVERY penny YOU made went towards funding the Federal and State Governments. Every last dime. That's what it takes these days to fund the travesty that is Washington D.C.

See the methodology and a State by State breakdown here: August 19, 2010 - Cost of Government Day Has Arrived!

Do you realize that at the time of the founding of this Nation, you didn't pay income tax, you didn't pay property tax - you actually OWNED that which you made and purchased. Your land was yours, it wasn't to be taken away from you simply for refusing to pay the lease payments on it.

While I will cede the point that some amount of taxation is necessary, how can we possibly agree that we must work the majority of the year simply to settle with the various forms of Government??? This truly is tyranny. It's far past time to get the Government out of our lives.

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