Friday, September 3, 2010

Muslim Cleric Calls for Beheading of Dutch Politician

Ahh yes, another glorious proclamation from the "Religion of Peace".

Muslim cleric calls for beheading of Dutch politician

The Sydney-born Muhammad has gained notoriety for, among other things, calling on young children to be radicalized and blaming rape victims for their own attacks.

The paper posted an English-language audio clip in which he refers to Wilders as "this Satan, this devil, this politician in Holland" and explains that anyone who talks about Islam like Wilders does should be executed by beheading.

Modern Islam is a scourge and a sore upon the face of this planet. While it originally probably was about peace and goodness, it has been hijacked by violent elements that use it for the subjugation of women and the complete control and oppression of hundreds of millions of people.

There is very little that is good about modern Islam as practiced by these radicals.

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