Sunday, October 5, 2008

Don't Forget

Where this "crisis" really came from. Don't fall for the Democrat (tail)Spin.

If your congresspeople voted for the bail out - BAIL THEM OUT OF OFFICE. Yes, I will be voting for a Democrat for Senator for the first time ever in a few weeks. My House of Representatives member (who is up for re-election) smartly voted against the bail-out, so I will vote for him.

If you're not looking behind the scenes here. If you're not realizing who's really at fault for this deserve every bit of what's coming.

A list of who voted what in the Senate.
A list of who voted what in the House.

We've had a do nothing Congress so far, right up until they decided to screw us, and our markets. A half oil-change could only be for the better.

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