Friday, October 24, 2008


Ever really taken a hard look at your paycheck? And I mean, not just glanced at the final number at the bottom - but a really hard look at all of the money that gets taken out before you get to that ever-important bottom line?

Well, here's some fun for you.

For states with high state taxes - how does 37.7cents on every dollar you earned getting returned to you sound?

That's right. You make a dollar, the government under Obama deigns to "allow" you to keep 37.7 cents.

Only for the "rich" you say?? Sure. It's easy to play class warfare and get the mob riled up against the "rich" - you know, those making more than $250k a year. Just remember, though. "Rich" used to refer to those making $500k per year. Will "rich" mean $80k next year? $40k the next? After all, there's always someone making less than you that "deserves" a fair amount of the money you make.

Take a listen to this clip - it's the raw conversation between Joe (and fine, the media has slimed him up - but this is Obama talking to someone he believes to be legitimate, and is really explaining what he believes to be fair).

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