Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama - The Formative Years

Recently, with all the furor over Marxists, and Obama, the failure of the Main Stream Media to address his past, and all of the very interesting things coming out about Obama's associations, I've begun to think a little on America, its people, and its total failure to educate our children.

I have come to realize that in just about every class I took growing up, I was taught to rely on others to provide me with my facts and ideology. Instructors placed an emphasis on regurgitating the facts as provided by the books they provided and the lectures they gave. One History Professor at Northern Arizona University even went so far as to say if we wrote down something on our essay question tests that he hadn't told us or that we hadn't read in our reading assignments that he'd not count that answer towards our grade.

I was lucky enough, however, to encounter an amazing Professor quite literally at the end of my college period. I needed 3 more credits to graduate, and took them over the summer. I took a class on The Logic of Argument. This Professor gave reading assignments. Yes, they were Kant, and Marx, and Hume. But the idea wasn't to read these as a source of ideology, but with an eye towards poking holes in the arguments, towards diagramming the logical progression, and understanding the meanings behind the overt words written on the page. In short, this Prof was attempting to teach us how to think.

I did very well in the class, but I found reading in that manner profoundly hard at the time.

With that lead-in, take a quick look at this article (and the lovely picture of Marx up there at the top of this post).

Obama likes to think that he can have all of these associations. That he can seek out Socialist Professors, radical Feminists, avowed and unrepentant terrorists, and that they haven't actually made an impression on him.

Coupled with his Joe the Plumber remarks, and Biden's "more taxes are patriotic", paired with more than $1 trillion in spending, do you really think Obama's Marxist roots are all in the past? Do you think that his truth squads and habitual attempts to suppress dissenting media are just a right wing smear, or a lie?

It's far past time people opened their eyes and looked past the MSM to the truth and the facts.

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