Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Idiots at Work

Homeless use of motels still on rise

So, the State is paying for motel rooms for families. Here is what got me:
Tina Brooks, undersecretary of the department, said 1,010 families - including more than 1,400 children - are now living in motels, at a monthly cost of about $2.8 million for taxpayers.

Ok boys and girls, lets do the math:
$2.8mil per month, divided by 1,010 families equals....

$2772...PER MONTH

Lets see, I have a 3 bedroom home, in a state with low cost of living (I...shock...actually moved here because of low taxes, a good job market, and low cost of living...amazing I know). I pay around $1000 a month all-in without utilities.

Are you seriously saying that the state of Mass. can't find lodgings for these people that aren't three times as expensive as an average home loan? I know real estate might be more expensive there, but holy crap.

That's ok though, because they're expecting $44mil in stimulus funds (that would be OUR MONEY by the way) to continue to blow on their mess.

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