Friday, January 9, 2009

Preparedness - It's Not Just for "Nuts"

Powerful Solar Storm Could Shut Down U.S. for Months

When I talk to people about having a small cache of non-perishable food on hand, as well as a reasonable amount of ammo for my main battle rifle, and water filtering abilities, they usually look at me as a "survival nut". Now, I certainly don't have the degree or depth of gear that I know true survivalists have, but I do have enough to hopefully ensure survivability in a grid down situation for at least three or four weeks.

To me, preparedness isn't about nuclear war, or Chinese invasion, or what have you (though those possibilities always exist), it's about making sure that I'm not screwed if things go sideways for a bit. Even a nasty ice storm could knock out power for a week or two, and having enough victuals to go through that in relative comfort isn't a bad thing.

While I'm sure at least some of the article I've linked above is likely a little over the top, sensationalist, or worst case kind of stuff, being prepared for a grid-out situation, including food, water, warmth, and defensive capabilities, isn't a bad thing. You just never know what might happen, and being able to provide for yourself and your family in the event of a serious breakdown in local infrastructure is just plain smart.

So if you don't have provisions for at least a few weeks, why not? It's not all that hard or expensive to at least stock up on some non-perishable food at the very least. Knowing how to cache water in the event of a disruption in service is a good thing as well. Do some reading now as to the various methods to provide for yourself and be prepared.

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