Monday, January 12, 2009

Your Liability

I've added you can call it that, widget to my side nav. It shows the National Debt. Look at that number for a moment. $10 Trillion, with a T, dollars.

At the moment, that's 34 someodd thousand dollars for EVERY person in the US. And, if you'll notice, it's ticking ever upwards.

This is the amount your Government has already committed to our servitude towards foreign (and some domestic) investors.

Do you have $34 thousand to give to the Nation to bail us out of this commitment? I know I certainly don't. I've been taxed more than well enough to be doing all I can to keep myself in home and food (and a few frills).

How much longer do you want to permit your Government to run up debts in your name? At what point do you think the primary source of our money to operate on a day to day basis with will tell us just what to do with ourselves (regardless of whether it's anatomically correct or not)?

Most importantly, and I wish I had the answer to this with all my heart - how *can* we stop this from getting worse?

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