Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Results of Liberalism

California Dreamin' Over? Record Number of Residents Moving

No surprise here. What do you expect when the state has some of the highest costs of living and taxes in the nation? When you insist that the bureaucracy pay for everything, when the state's role is to nanny its citizens, and one should be punished for being prosperous.

Don't believe me? Number two is New York.

You can not just tax things and expect your revenues to go up. Those taxes are always passed down to the consumer, and when the consumer is already being squeezed by high property taxes and job loss, the consumer finds ways to avoid taxes and go elsewhere. The same happens when the company you are taxing realizes they can operate elsewhere at a huge savings to their bottom line (and ultimately to their customer in the form of price breaks).

Unfortunately, we may be about to implement this kind of economics on the entire nation as the Democrats gleefully take up a perceived mandate to expand an already wasteful and bloated government.

We can only hope for a sudden breakout of sanity. Somehow that might be too much change to expect from our Overlords.

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