Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Salute to Jim Brossard

I received an email today with an attached video much the same as the one I've embedded above. This happened a year or two ago, but I just became aware of it myself.

A few things struck me about Mr. Brossard and his actions, as well as a few thoughts on immigration in general. Normal "vandalism" by lefties usually involves cloak and dagger, quiet kinds of stuff. The person who smeared yellow paint on Bush Senior's statue the day of the inauguration comes to mind (wrong Bush by the way guys....good one). Here, we have a Veteran who heard of the U.S. Flag being dishonored. Flying the US Flag below the flag of another nation in our Country is not only disrespectful, it is illegal. Mr. Brossard decided to do something about it.

So what happens when Mr. Brossard arrives on the scene. He sees people standing in front of the bar, and a camera crew collecting B-roll footage to be used as background footage for the anchors at the station. Does he slink off to make sure no one sees him perform the duty he feels obligated to execute? No! Mr. Brossard not only strides forcefully over and removes the American Flag from the pole, but he then turns around and announces to the camera why he is doing that. He follows up by announcing his full name, and gives instructions to the owner as to how to retrieve their flag. Now that, my friends, is honor. He knows there may be consequences for what he did, in fact, he just committed an outright (and documented) act of theft in broad daylight, yet he still makes absolutely sure that there is no doubt about who is doing and why they are doing so.

The flying of the flag the way it was flown, and the owner's unwillingness to comment on it, or even fix the problem, is indicative of an ongoing problem we have in this country with immigrants. This country was founded by immigrants, and continues to receive many excellent men and women who come here because they feel that the United States is a great country, full of opportunity and the hope of a better life made possible through hard work. Those men and women are the people whom you see enthusiastically singing the Star Spangled Banner, who feel a great and deep love for this country and the values that it stands for.

Then you have the folks marching in support of illegal immigrants. A particular protest in Tucson,AZ comes to mind. A couple of years ago, a large number of students (who wanted to get out of their High School and Middle School classes that day) and other marchers took to the streets to protest immigration reform efforts. The first week they marched, there was hardly a US Flag in attendance. Instead, they all carried Mexican flags. Where is their love of country? Where is their pride at being in the United States? You'll notice from the bottom part of the attached image what happened when some publicity liberals got a hold of them the following week. ;)

Liberals have made it very hard to have a discussion on immigration. If you are against illegal immigrants, you are immediately painted as being a bigot, or being against any immigration at all. However, I believe it is very important that those who would come and live in the US integrate with United States culture and values. That's not to say that celebrating holidays from their native country is out, but they should want to speak English and have an urge to integrate themselves into America.

Enough about that. Once again, a salute to Mr. Brossard! Were that we had more like him.

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