Thursday, September 11, 2008

$70 Rifle!

Russian Model 91/30 - Mosin Nagant Bolt Action Rifle

Yes, she's a bolt action. Yes, she uses ammunition that isn't always all that easy to find at places like WalMart (though admittedly, you can get 7.62x54mm pretty easily through surplus sites), but this bolt action rifle won World War II for the Russians. And we all know just how screwed they were for a while.

The Mosin Nagant played a legendary role in the world, and in my opinion its time is not yet passed. Where else are you going to get an excellent, good quality, historical bolt action rifle for $70?? Heck, where else are you going to get a functional longarm for that price?

You'll need to work with an FFL to get it sent to you (this usually costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 for a transfer), but act fast if you need something with a little range and don't have a lot of scratch.

And no, I don't get any commissions for this. ;)

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