Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Gun Show

With all the talk of Politics lately, and a growing fear amongst gun owners and potential gun owners that an Obama Presidency would wreak havoc on honest, law-abiding American's gun rights, I decided that I'd head on down to the gun show and take a look around.

One nice thing about Dallas is that it seems like there is a gun show just about every other weekend. If not that, certainly at least once per month. Today's show was put on by Classic Shows, and was about the size of what you'd see in my native Tucson.

The importance of Gun Shows in our Nation are that they provide a forum for people who enjoy shooting sports to gather and talk shop. A Gun Show is no different than a Car Show, or a Rodeo, or even a Quilting Bee. The only difference between all of those activities listed are the subjects discussed and the goods available to the attendees.

In my case, I needed an extra ammo-can to store random boxes of ammunition, and a crush washer for the flash-hider on my evil black rifle. I'd also been having a nagging feeling, somewhere deep down, that I needed to grab another black rifle. And I'll say, there is an urgency to that feeling that has pierced through that little filter we have all applied to keep us from impulsively doing anything that comes to mind. I couldn't quite articulate it, but something drove me to get in the car and make the 45 minute (one way) drive down to Mesquite.

What I found was very interesting. I left earlier than I had hoped to, and ended up arriving about 15 minutes before the doors opened. Anyone who is a Gun Show enthusiast will tell you to arrive right as the doors open so that you can get in on any major deals (often supplied by private sellers that may not quite know what their deceased relative's guns are worth) that may be about before someone else does. This gave me some time to talk to a few folks in line. By and large, all of them were worried about new bans and just about every one of them in line had been having the same urges that I had.

Here is what scares me. Obama voted in 2004 for a bill in Illinois that would not only have banned most semi-automatic rifles, most shotguns, and most black powder rifles in the State of Illinois, but the bill would have authorized law enforcement officials to forcibly enter private homes to confiscate [the] newly banned firearms. (Illinois State Rifle Association Press Release)

Folks, this goes beyond just being a leftist and trying to ban things. This shakes the Constitution down to its very core. Aside from obvious 2nd Amendment RKBA and 4th Amendment Search and Seizure violations, this would basically create an Ex Post Facto situation, forcing people to turn over their heretofore legal property with no recourse and no compensation (not that compensation would make it any more legal mind you). And whether or not you turn it over, your neighborhood Officer Friendly and his .50 caliber machine gun wielding APC will be by to help you find that gun you "lost". And the best part is, that bill seemed perfectly reasonable to Obama. This is not what we need in charge of this country. We're having enough problems with the Republicans shredding the Constitution, we don't need to add more Liberals who couldn't find it with a flashlight, let alone read it.

As I strolled around, I spyed an FFL dealer that was offering Rock River Arms uppers, lowers, and assembled rifles. Being a huge RRA fan, I immediately stopped and browsed. After striking up a conversation about the Smith Industries Vortex Flash Hider, I mentioned that I had been thinking of a new rifle purchase. The dealer pointed over to the half dozen someodd uppers and lowers and said "I haven't been able to keep these in stock. People have been buying them faster than I can order them." Wow, that's huge.

This isn't the ubiquitous SKS or AK knockoff, $150 or so - favorite of college kids and folks that just don't have a huge amount of money to blow on fine firearms (not that I'm denigrating the noble AK47 mind you - not at all, they are amazing weapons systems!) - these are rifles that can run you anywhere from $800 to whatever you can get out of your home equity. And folks are snapping them up like they're going out of style. Something to be said about our perceived (or perhaps real) situation there if you ask me.

At this point, I'm recommending that anyone who has been thinking of picking up a semi-automatic rifle of any sort do so before the next election. Do it sooner rather than later, as I suspect supplies will diminsh greatly leading up to the election. Don't have $700? Fine, get a Ruger Mini-14 or an SKS/AK47 clone. Get enough ammunition to run it for a while! I'm talking 1000rds for a rifle at least. If we get McCain, unless he goes rogue again and does something stupid, everything will be well and you'll be better armed that you are now. If we get Obama, likely they'll be banned shortly afterwards, and you might just need your rifle to get your butt out of a crashing economy and rioting masses looking for their Government provided free bread and circuses. If nothing else, those standard capacity magazines and that rifle you bought will be worth a heck of a lot more after a ban.

"So," you may ask, "what became of that urge to get yourself a black rifle?" I settled on getting a nice Smith Vortex flash hider, and an A2 Carry Handle sight to add to my existing rifle to keep it running in the event batteries aren't available for the EOTech Holosight, along with some extra standard capacity 30rd magazines. Those of you thinking properly know what I mean about any situation in which you can't get batteries.

Stay frosty.

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