Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Petulant Children (Part 2)

In the last post, I shifted gears rather abruptly, here is why.

In another stunningly stupid move, the House yesterday approved a new energy plan which includes more domestic drilling. Or does it?

This is a long one, but read up and see the bill of goods you're being sold by your government.

Once again, they think we're too quiescent and stupid to see through their obvious ploys. They want to say they did something about it, and pin any resulting failures on the oil companies, or anyone else that is conveniently nearby.

Am I sounding cynical enough yet? Some highlights:

Permanently institutes a ban on new offshore development out to 50 miles. [Sec. 102] Folks, you can't just go out in your back yard, and successfully drill for oil. Oil exists in very specific geological structures and locations. Most known offshore oil is inside of 50 miles of the coast, and that which isn't is so deep, we don't currently have the technology to get at it easily or economically.

But that's ok! Except:
Permits leasing only between 50 and 100 miles offshore only if the adjacent state legislature ‘opts-in’ to allow leasing off its coastline. [Sec. 102] Oh. So this, plus no provision for the state to share in the revenues means - you got it. No state has the particular urge to allow anyone to drill even within 100 miles. And states such as California, who love to use oil but don't particularly feel like allowing anyone to drill for it *gasp*, well you get the picture.

And that's just the start. This is truly pathetic. How long do you think it will be before some raging Lib uses the above passed bill in an argument about how "we keep giving them opportunities to drill but the oil companies just won't do it so they can keep the prices high!".

Bet it won't be long.

Are you getting angry yet???

Full actual text of the bill is here: H.R. 6899 -

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