Thursday, September 18, 2008

Buy Your Patriotism!

Joe Biden today proudly announced that it is patriotic for those that earn more than $250,000 to pay more taxes! He went on to say that the money we take from the wealthy will be given to the middle class. In any other circle in this country that would be called grand larceny.

Amazing. The Democrats continue to use class warfare as a distraction by insinuating that the people that pay the most taxes (and indeed, the upper echelon of this country already pays 94%+ of all tax revenues) should pay even more! Further, they continue to have the audacity to act like the money is theirs to take from you.

What they don't tell you is that many of the entities paying these taxes are not all "fat cat" individuals. They're not all oil barons, or bandit CEOs - many of them are actually businesses. Those same businesses that provide jobs, goods and services to millions of Americans.

Think it through now, what happens when a business' costs go up?

Their prices go up too. And not only do prices go up for consumers, decreasing their abilities to buy those goods and services, but wages go down, and people lose their jobs. That's right, even the lowest earners with the least (or no) tax burden lose money. Further, the folks that are really paying the taxes, that top 1%, utilize more tax shelters and havens and further reduce income tax revenues coming in to the government.

Now, a quick history lesson. Who was a prominent Democratic Party President who realized this? President Kennedy of course. And his course of lower taxes to increase productivity and ultimately tax revenues was confirmed when President Reagan did the same thing. This is not a new idea to either party.

So what do Obama and Biden *really* want to do? They want to reduce your purchasing power. They want to further harm businesses that employ Americans, some of which are already on the ropes. They want to make sure this economy goes down in flames. They want to arbitrarily say who has too much money and who has too little, and rob Peter to pay Paul. All in the name of raising taxes only on the "wealthy". And even if they don't actually raise those taxes, Obama has stated that he will let the Bush tax cuts we have been enjoying for the last 6 years expire. Oops, higher taxes for everyone. But wait! He flipped on that again. So which is it Sen. Obama?

Don't be fooled. Don't support people who want to raise taxes in any way shape or form. The average American worker ALREADY works 113 days to pay off all of the taxes that are assessed on them throughout the year. Why would you possibly want to increase that burden? That is money going to pork and failed social engineering programs that could be putting food in your children's mouths, and keeping the roof over their heads.

Do not let anyone *near* the White House that even breathes that they are going to increase taxes for anyone. Biden's unguarded statement today shows the true Socialist roots of these two fools. They do not want you to succeed. They want themselves and their cronies to succeed at YOUR expense.

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