Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Government Dependence

Wasn't this Great Nation founded on INdependence?

How often do you hear from the Police after a foiled robbery "don't get involved". Or "give them what they want"? Now we have welfare, Social Security, Liberals screaming to bail out people that got in over their heads by being stupid when they bought a home, bailouts of businesses that made incredibly horrible decisions (Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, AIG), and yet let Lehman fail. Did Lehman not make contributions to the right people???

Now, the argument being made is that the loss of these companies would be too damaging to the economy. At the same time though, while things may have overcooked, and I certainly don't want a depression or worse either, how can you possibly justify using taxpayer money, and large amounts of it, to pay off other companies to take on these failed corporations? I am certainly not a financial wizard, but would welcome some good, sound reasoning on why this is a good thing for everyone.

So that said, we have the nanny state stepping in left and right. Didn't save for retirement, that's ok, we'll help! Didn't do you research and make sure you could afford a home before you bought it? That's ok! You don't have to repay those evil profiteers in the mortgage industry. Burned yourself with that coffee?? That shouldn't have been hot! You're entitled to all the money you can get from that evil corporation!! You bought a bunny advertised with floppy ears and it didn't have floppy ears? Call the cops! Wait...

Non-Floppy Emergency

Your rabbit's ears aren't floppy? Sorry, that's not an emergency. So said police in Scotland when a woman rang the emergency 999 number to discuss her concerns about her new pet. She said the newspaper ad promised floppy ears, but flop they would not.

Central Scotland Police said Monday they were equally unimpressed by another caller who complained that a passing car had splashed water on him, and by someone else inquiring about the postal code for a town's post office.

"Whilst officers and staff are dealing with these frivolous matters that a member of the public has deemed so serious as to call 999, they are not dealing with genuine emergency calls," said Chief Inspector Alan Stewart. (AP)

Sure, that's Scotland, but (formerly) Great Britain is often held up as a burgeoning Socialist paradise. That's alright though, since I heard last month that a man called the cops because the Subway sandwich shop wouldn't make his sandwich correctly. Hey, your government can fix anything for you! Just call them up and they'll make it right.

Where'd our sense of intrepid independence go? When, as a Nation, did we lose that individuality and sense of adventure that allowed us our meteoric rise to power in such a short 250 some odd years? When did we start listening to people who don't make any sense (the far left and a fair number of the far right too)?

When will we wake up and realize that all this politically correct regulating of everything is destroying the very fabric of this Nation?

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