Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are We Done Here?

U.N. Official Accuses U.S. of Demonizing Ahmadinejad

You know, I'll just bet that if, back in 1941, we asked Mr. Hitler nicely to stop, he would have gladly and peacefully retreated back within his original borders and he would have been happy to not kill all those Jews. I'm sure he was just misunderstood.

Same here with Mr. "The Holocaust Was a Good Idea" Ahmadinejad. He's really just developing weapons grade radioactives for an energy program, and he's not really helping to destabilize the entire region by supplying arms and munitions to militants.

And those poor Palestinians, they're only firing rockets because they're misunderstood. Giving them the rest of the land in the region would surely evoke peace and harmony.

The outspoken U.N. General Assembly president on Tuesday accused the United States of demonizing Iran's president and criticized the International Criminal Court for issuing an arrest warrant for Sudan's leader on war crimes charges in Darfur.

Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, a Roman Catholic priest from Nicaragua with openly leftist views, also reiterated that the more he thinks about the conditions that Israel imposes on the Palestinians, the more he tends "to think about apartheid."

Are we about done funding 22% of these people's budget with money we don't have to spend anyways?

There's only so much I can take....

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