Monday, March 2, 2009

Obama's Global New Deal

Brown woos Obama on global deal

Boy, that Liberal stone just don't stop rollin' does it?

Let's see if I have all of this figured out. A $3tr budget, $400b worth of "keep the Gov running until September", what the hell...let's just throw money at the entire stinking planet!!!!

These people have truly lost their minds. By the time they get done, there isn't going to be a dollar left that they don't need to save the children.

I'm entirely sickened. I can't even believe that people that style themselves adults could, for a moment, actually take this rampant bullshit seriously.

If Government spending actually could create more wealth, why the hell hasn't all this rampant spending, by both the Republicans and the Spendocrats over the last 60 years actually done it????

I've said it before. You can't fool the markets. There is nobody who knows anything in the market that is fooled by the complete and utter bullshit coming out of our joke of a Government. This is readily apparent by the plunge we've taken since the mouthbreathers in this country elected that jackass. Don't give me that "it takes time" crap. If the markets actually believed these guys, we'd at least be holding relatively flat, or possibly seeing a small decline while the joke of a pork plan goes into effect. Instead, those with money continue to vote with their feet, by selling the crap out of anything they have, so as to avoid the final plunge when our leaders finally reach the tipping point and auger the economy into the ground at high speed.

Lets just keep letting the children run the candy store and see how long it takes for all of us to end up in the street, destitute and starving. At this rate, it won't be long.

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