Friday, March 6, 2009

The Unwashed Masses Strike

Taxpayers Furious With Budget Cuts Take Frustration To Streets Of NYC

Now you see, this is the problem with allowing the looters to loot for decades and then trying to make budget cuts. Once you start giving these idiots things for free, they expect that it will be free forever. And when you have to cut those free services because you can no longer afford to give that cash away, well, the looters do what they do best, riot.

These folks are not in it for the good of the country, they don't understand, nor do they care that the state can no longer afford to give them free stuff, they want their handout, and they want it now.

So when you hear Liberals say they just want to give people a little extra to get ahead, think down the road when our economy collapses under the burden of these pigs and leeches and realize the consequences - likely class warfare. The have-nots have been getting their loot from the haves long enough to have expectations that they're entitled to receive that ill-gotten wealth, and if you try to take it from them, they're going to riot and then likely kill you for it.

They don't care that the country can not afford to keep them in food and clothes and home, they would rather take what they need from you than work for it themselves, and they're happy with that arrangement. The question is, are you?

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