Monday, March 16, 2009

Government Incompetence

Union Wage Rule Means Fewer Projects Completed With Stimulus Cash

Our Government is a real piece of work. They just can't leave well enough alone - even in an "emergency", they are happily pandering away to their interest groups - in this case, the Unions.

We already have a number of Governors turning down stimulus money because of the strings attached, and now this mess. You must pay for projects at Union Rates, even though the project may have originally been bid and budgeted at a lower rate. There is absolutely no point to this nonsense other than to make more expensive Union Labor more attractive, and to continue to suborn the last vestiges of the free market in this country.

This, folks, is how these jackasses are behaving in an "emergency". Can you imagine what would happen if, say, an occurrence such as an asteroid inbound to strike the Earth were to take place? These morons would sit and dicker and run the prices up, legislate, restrict, send in OSHA, and generally make a mess of things.

They'd likely still be arguing, wheeling and dealing when the damned thing hit.

This is exactly why we DO NOT need people such as this ruling the Country. It's time for the States to take their Constitutionally granted powers back and tell these shysters to go crawl back into the cess pool they crawled out of.

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