Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Art of Liberal Communication

We have all seen the steps a Liberal uses to communicate a point:

1. Make an unfounded statement.
2. When challenged with facts on that statement, change the subject.
3. When the subject can't be changed, insult the person counter arguing.
4. If that fails, attempt to get the Police or Authorities involved, or stamp off in a huff.

I had wondered where all of these people were getting their playbook from. Now I know.

Paula Anderson teaches "Communications" at Central Connecticut State University. Recently, when she assigned her class to make a reasoned argument regarding current events, John Wahlberg, one of her students, used that platform to make a reasoned argument for Licensed Concealed Carry (of Firearms) on Campus. I'm sure he didn't say he wanted to shoot students on campus, I know he didn't say he wanted to commit violence on anyone, he just stated that he wanted to be able to defend himself on campus, just like he can everywhere else in town.

Paula's response? Lodge a complaint with the Campus Police. Great Communications eh? David Codrea over at War on Guns has given us an assignment of our own. Let the Stasi calling Ms. Anderson know what we think about her little Marxist tendencies. I'll post her University contact information below. Feel free to drop her a line, I ask that you keep your discourse with her reasoned and civil.

Name: Anderson, Paula
Phone Number: 8322690
Job Title: Lecturer
Department: Communication
Location: R C Vance Acad Ctr 317

My email to her is copied below:
I read with great dismay the harassment and degradation you visited upon John Wahlberg, simply because he was making a reasoned argument on current events, as assigned, in your classroom.

While we are all entitled to our own views, this country was founded upon tenets including personal freedom and accountability. That you would feign to teach "communications", and then call the authorities upon students with whom you had a disagreement of principles speaks volumes about your personal cowardice and complete lack of abilities in the subject you are supposed to teach.

What you have now demonstrated to your students is that they must submit to the status quo; that to believe differently than those with authority over you should be a crime. You have ensured that students who would think for themselves, that would speak up and ask simply "why" when they are in disagreement with what is being presented to them, will now fear the midnight call from the Stasi, that soft knock upon the door (or in this case, that evening phonecall from the Police); the harbinger of oppression.

I have sincere hopes that for your abuse of authority, you will see sanctions in some form. With any luck, the student you wrong will see fit to file suit for harassment. At best, I hope you lose your job over this.

While I have never subscribed to the statement "those who can't, teach", in this case, I believe it very apt.

Congratulations on successfully bullying someone with whom you disagreed, simply because you were unable to stand up and openly and logically refute their arguments.

I will be posting this at along with your University contact information. You are welcome to respond there, or by replying to this email address, that is, if you actually want to attempt to defend your craven actions.

Garry Morris
Tyranny Unleashed

As you can see, I have invited her over here to discuss her actions. I doubt she'll show.

While you're at it, head on over to the Campus Newspaper and dive into the fray in the comments section on their article.

To Mr. Wahlberg, I recommend you seek legal counsel and see what your options are to ensure other students won't be harrassed the way that you were. Thank you for your attempts to educate the Marxists at your school about what true Liberty involves, and I hope that you won't be dissuaded from continued efforts along this line. That they called the Police on you is the highest form of compliment - it means they didn't have any other way to refute your arguments or shut you down except to call for Daddy to come save them.

Congratulations Sir. If there is anything the pro-rights community can do for you, please let us know.

H/T to David and JD

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The CCSU President's e-mail address is hard to find. People can contact Pres. John Miller at

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