Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fraudsters Must Fail

AIG Seeks to Ease Its Bailout Terms

This is what we're dealing with folks. None of the stimulus, bailouts, Government backing, etc. is actually meant to improve our economy.

ALL OF IT, that's right, every last penny, is horse trading for favors, and ensuring powerful and well connected friends (however fraudulent) make out like bandits, all at your expense.

Essentially, the taxpayers are guaranteeing AIG's debts - that is, if AIG fails, we're on the hook for their notes. We, the United States Taxpayers, are ensuring that the credit rating isn't dropped on a company that is losing $60bil per quarter. And AIG is now indicating that they may not be able to survive under the current terms?

Are you kidding me? Our so called leaders have flat out lost their minds.

LET THEM FAIL This worthless crap is not what we have a Federal Government for. Get the hell out of my wallet.

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