Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Future Beckons

The [British] government’s appetite to maintain detailed files on its citizens is growing

Folks may notice that I pay attention to Britain quite a bit, and often post the goings on over on the Isle. There is, quite frankly, a reason. Without the Constitution such as we have, their government is happily moving more and more to the left, removing their rights like falling dominoes. It has gotten so bad, that even defending one's self from a home invader is considered a felonious offense. CCTV cameras stud every light pole and subway wall. You are always on camera, and you have very few actual rights when the Police decide you have offended the Gov's Politically Correct sensibilities.

Now, thanks to a slavishly Bush-poodling Labour government with a startlingly authoritarian bent, Britons are beginning to recognise that this sceptred isle, this earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, this other Eden is about to become this surveillance state, this database depot, this green and pleasant centre of preventive detention, this precious home of biometrically-keyed national identification cards set in a sea of CCTV cameras.

The Brits are holding Civil Rights rallies now. They are fighting to get back their right to bear arms, to defend their property from rampant thieves, to be able to go about their lives as they see fit.

So why pay attention? With our Government scoffing at the Constitution more and more each day, while our Supreme Court cheers them on, we are headed down this path. I'm worried that we will soon see these same rampant offenses upon our Liberty. I guarantee the Socialists in our country are cheering Europe's fall into Marxism and are working hard every day to ensure we're next.

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