Thursday, February 26, 2009


Pork, pork, lies, damned lies, and more pork.
9,000 earmarks, and a 10% rise in spending from last year. They're not even pretending to tell the truth any more. These idiots will say anything because many in this country either believe it, or don't give a fig either way as long as American Idol will be on the TV tonight.

The new Domestic Agenda
Plenty of tax increases for the "rich". Of course, that includes most small businesses, which, along with the corporations will have to lay off people and pass the rest of the increases on to anyone who consumes their goods - oops, that would be you and me.

$1.3tr Budgets that rely on hope and change, as well as cap and trade (which will grossly raise your energy costs, including gasoline and power for your home) will ensure that this Nation will plunge into the depths of Socialism and misery.

Capped off by...of course...a new Assault Weapons Ban that Holder has announced is a priority for this Administration. Of course, I've been yelling about that since September, not that that matters. Naturally, you have the progression of mouth breathers in the comments for that article hyperventilating about how you "don't need hand grenades to hunt". I don't even know where to start on that one. We've really reached a point where a majority of Americans, by all appearances, are good only for stuffing into cattle cars to go take a shower - at least as soon as their usefulness as idiots has passed.

I'm losing all hope. I hate to say it, but I'm truly reaching a point where I just don't know what to make of it all. This is no longer a Government by, for and of the people, it is an Oligarchy. Stuffed with lawyers and appointees that could give a flying f*** about us. They simply want more power and more money for them and their cronies.

Has Montana seceded yet? I'm ready for some "change" myself.

Edit: I have clarified the cattlecar statement. Please read that statement before you respond.

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Cheddar said...

"good only for stuffing into cattle cars to go take a shower"


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