Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's Time for "Balance"

You know, screw the 2nd Amendment. And screw the 1st while you're at it.

Look. The market has to be wrong. How can our enlightened Liberal talk radio programs keep getting canceled for lack of interest when the Conservative programs do so well? I know! Lets just mandate that radio stations (and only radio stations, Liberals enjoy their near monopoly in print and television media quite well thank you) play crap that no one wants to listen to, so that they'll have to change their format and silence those nasty Conservatives. While we're at it, lets shut down those nasty bloggers. They have a bad habit of pointing things out and letting people know what's really going on.

A commenter pointed out on Calderone's Blog that Sen. Stabenow's husband is in progressive radio. Nice conflict of interest there Senator.

These Liberals and their drone slobbering idiot followers are a total joke. It would be funny if it wasn't actually reality.

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