Monday, February 2, 2009

Dangerous Currents and Shoals

Anti-Gun Movement Gathering Steam

I don't know if I'd say it was gathering steam. In fact, with the recent gun purchases, and the recent advances made in the name of gun rights, I'd actually say gun control is losing steam.

This statement, however, should not be construed as saying that gun control groups (usually funded and run by a small group of rich elites) aren't turning up the volume. I am also not saying that we are entering a legislative period in which those small groups will be able to pass ridiculous anti-gun laws.

We are indeed entering what likely will end up being a very dangerous and dark time for our rights. And with efforts nationwide to make it as difficult as possible to remain a law abiding citizen while still exercising the rights we were supposedly guaranteed by the Founders of this once great nation, I fear greatly for our future.

The rising chorus that I hear day in and day out from Statists and Obama supporters is "give it a chance". The problem is, so much of what the government does any more is permanent. While occasionally, after years or even decades of fighting, a piece of legislation or policy gets reversed, it is so very rare that we actually see a bad law reversed. The answer is always "we didn't go far enough", and they layer it on further.

Look at this piece of garbage from the Times. Instead of looking at the Great Depression and attempting to learn from the mistakes made by both Republicans and Democrats alike during that dark time, they think it just didn't go far enough. Make it bigger! More expensive! Better! It'll work this time!

The problem is, it won't. Taxing corporations more, increasing deficit spending, all while funding social programs that, by their very definition, can not create wealth, doesn't get you out of this morass. What results is that your children, and your children's children, and possibly even their children end up losing their quality of life simply because Government today just can't fathom why they can't spend their way to prosperity.

The lobbies are lining up, and so are the states and cities for that matter, to dip a hand in the government dole. What is so often forgotten these days is that it is not the Government's money that is being handed out. It is your money. It is the fruits of your labor, the sweat you exert day in and day out in the hopes when all is said and done your family will be able to keep a roof over their heads and eat until the next paycheck. And every time they take money away from you, and spend it frivolously on STD prevention, or give it to people who don't even pay taxes in the name of a "tax rebate", or even enable fraudulent groups like ACORN to get funding, all they are doing is preventing you from ensuring your own family's survival. They are preventing companies from hiring and employing more workers, and expanding to create even more jobs.

They are ensuring your slavery. They want you under their thumb and desperate for the next handout to keep food in your mouth. Their attempts to control small arms, and restrict speech, and their propensity to kick in your doors in the middle of the night because some drugged out informant is being paid, by them, for results, is just another attempt to ensure your servility.

I, for one, am rapidly growing tired of being treated like a serf. Unfortunately, the masses have not awoken yet, and I fear that by the time they do, it will be far too late.

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